Sunglasses model Ombak Hawaii

The OMBAK polarized sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses with high quality and high impact resistance.

Both the lens mount and pin as they are extremely strong and flexible so you can enjoy your sun glasses Surfer Ombak in the most extreme moments practicing your favorite sports.

No doubt sunglasses are the essential complement to fashion for summer season or for places where the sun shines almost 365 days a year. In Ombak you go, plus this model polarized sunglasses, many more models of sunglasses with the latest designs and always with the highest quality components both pin and mount lenses ... finding also Ombak is are developing new fashion products and equipment for surfers, snow, skate ... and many more sports and extreme moments Do you sign? Ombaking!

The HAWAII Model

Sunglasses OMBAK Hawaii have an interchangeable pin system so you can have two sunglasses in one. Purchase includes a full frame and a set of pins to trade.

The polarized sunglasses OMBAK Hawaii are intended to show them off at any time: on the beach before you get to your surfboard or windsurf, making skate, snow ... well, for once interchangeable pin your favorite sport practiced you can easily change the look.

Enjoy a perfect day with polarized sunglasses with the new surf fashion brand: OMBAK.

Technical Specifications of polarized sunglasses Ombak Hawaii

The product complies with the 89/686 / EEC and EN ISO 12311: 2013 eniso12312-1: 2013, ANSI Z80